Let’s cut to to the chase, in the last few years, AIGA Central Pennsylvania has grown immensely. The landscape of design is changing in the area and as board members, we’re on the forefront of shaping the future of it. We’re always on the look out for motivated, dedicated community members to step up and nominate themselves or colleagues, friends, mentors and coworkers to join us in making a difference.

A few words about Board Service:

AIGA Central Pennsylvania is a 100% volunteer driven organization. We’re looking for local design leaders and enthusiasts to step up and commit to a term of service to help continue to benefit and grow design in Central Pennsylvania. Our membership allows us to create and execute incredible programming, orchestrate workshops and push the boundaries of what we think we’re able to do, with what we are able to do.

What is involved in board service?

Commitment: We’re looking for community members who can commit to a two year service agreement to serve the board, as well as the time, self-motivation and dedication to create programming, community & change. This is hard work, but it’s oh-so rewarding.

Responsibility: With great power… We’re trusting you to be a face of the design community in Central Pennsylvania. We hold panels, bring big name speakers to the area, and constantly network. With that level of sociability, you better bet there’s a level of responsibility that comes with it. If you can agree to disagree, respect your fellow designers (and non!), and know when to play and when to work, we think you’ll fit right in.

AIGA Membership: Currently, national HQ requires all active board members to be of the supporting level or higher.

Show Up: Support your fellow board member’s passions, projects & programming. We require all board members to attend at least 80% of each year’s events.

Why Serve?
Being involved with the chapter is more than just showing up to events, and having a bit more responsibility on your plate, it’s making a difference in the community you live and work in, and seeing the results of that every day. Serving helps us grow as leaders, as designers, and as collaborators. We work together, as a team, to see Central Pennsylvania become a hub for design and creativity.

Do you have a dream for the area? Do you want to speaker come out? Do you want to see more inclusion within design here? Then board service is for you. The benefits of board service is the feeling you get after a successful event, an amazing interaction or spending the morning talking design at the Coffee and Critique you helped organize.

In addition to that warm, fuzzy feeling. Board members begin to cultivate a huge network in the area and beyond. How cool is it to know that you have friends in all fifty states thanks to the nation-wide network of AIGA Chapters?

We’re here to create community for designers, developers, photographers, project managers and the like. And we’re looking for others with the same mission in mind.

Board Nominations:

How do nominations work?
AIGA Central Pennsylvania accepts board nominations, year round via the nominations form below. You may nominate yourself, or another deserving AIGA member to become a board member by submitting their name, contact information, a professional reference or professional reference’s contact information, and a short explanation of why you’ve gone ahead and nominated someone (or yourself!).

For example,
‘Bob Giggle, Designer at Google.

I nominate Bob as the Membership Chair of AIGA Central Pennsylvania. Bob is an incredibly passionate individual, who has attended numerous AIGA events over the years, and has been a member since 1986. Bob is looking to volunteer his time with a non profit organization, and would love the opportunity to serve AIGA in a capacity, especially in one where he could help create opportunities for members, as well as work with the current board to exercise ways to make members feel appreciated.’

What happens after a nomination is accepted?
The board will vet the nomination, getting in touch with the nominee, nominator (if applicable), and professional reference. The President will arrange a phone call or meeting with the nominee to discuss board service, the requirements and expectations of serving, and then give their recommendation on action regarding the nomination. The President will also arrange for a current board member and a past board member to speak with the nominee to field questions, outline expectations and vet the nomination. After all of this has happened, those who have spoken with the nominee will make a recommendation to the board on whether the nominee should be voted onto the board.

All nominees will be required to attend a board meeting (most occur on the first Wednesday of each month). Board service is a long term engagement.

Why is there such a process behind this?
The future of the chapter is in our hands and we want to ensure that all board members fully understand the commitment and investment required for board service. All board service is volunteer-driven, and before we spend time training a new board member, we want to be sure the nominee is dedicated to being involved and giving their time on the board their all.

What positions are currently available?
Below are positions we’re currently accepting nominations for. However, if you’re interested in a national initiative, or have a specific skillset you’d like to improve and have an idea for how you can serve the board in a position other than those listed below, please email Bri, to set up position proposal process.

To learn even more about a specific position, please contact the current board member, or, in case of vacancy, contact hello@centralpa.aiga.org and your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate board member.

Questions? Comments? Get in touch with a current board member.

Ready to nominate or learn more about available board positions? Let’s go:

2018 Board Nominations

2018 Board Nominations
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