Chapter Sets New Mission, Strategic Visions

Each year,  the AIGA Central PA board gathers for a day of planning and brainstorming to determine the course of the next year. Usually this retreat focuses on event planning; this year, however, discussions led to a new mission statement and strategic vision for the chapter.

Chapter Mission Statement:
AIGA Central PA  is a community-driven organization connected through design.

Strategic Vision #1:
Create a community-led chapter by eliminating the barrier between formal leadership and non-leadership, empowering any design advocate to successfully act on inspiration.

Strategic Vision #2:
Develop a system of operations that facilitates successful initiatives.

Strategic Vision #3:
Create methods and environments where people seeking knowledge connect with people holding knowledge.

Strategic Vision #4:
Demonstrate the value of design to the greater community.

AIGA Central PA, like every other chapter, is representative of the face of design in our region to the rest of the country. This new mission is not only intended to be instructive to current leadership and volunteers, it also signals an opportunity for every design advocate in the region to help shape the dialogue, happenings and future of the profession. It is only logical that we should all share in the process.

Share Your Thoughts
To be effective, our new mission statement must be embraced by the design community, so we hope you’ll take the time to read it and share your thoughts with us—either by sending an email or attending out monthly community meeting.

Together we can create a place where design thrives.

By Bri Piccari
Published August 20, 2012
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