Community Meeting Highlights, October 2013

Last year, our chapter’s board decided to make our meetings more open, which received a great response. It was a new experience for us, and although well-received, we all felt we could do better.

We came to realize that sitting around discussing board business, though well-intentioned, wasn’t a terrific way to engage people. So we decided to change things up.

This past Tuesday was the first time we changed the format of our Community Meetings since opening them up beyond the board. We deferred all board business and instead focused  on brainstorming on new initiatives.

I’m incredibly grateful to all of the York College Students, Art Institute Faculty and other community members who spent their evening with us. The entire board was taken aback by the response. Each of us was inspired by what you brought forth.

We accomplished with 20 new minds in the mix (and just as many Sharpies… plus a lot of pizza) what would’ve taken much longer on our own when it comes to coming up with creative ideas for programming next year. We’re keeping all these wonderful ideas under wraps for now, but join us as our next Community Meeting in January for a sneak peak at what’s right around the corner.

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By Joshua Buckwalter
Published October 15, 2013
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