Feature Friday: Kate Anderson

It’s not often we get illustrated responses for Feature Friday but when we are talking about Kate Anderson, expect nothing less. When she’s not enjoying coconut lattes, you can find her at Godfrey Advertising where she works as an art director. On her own, she is Kate Ampersand where she delves into illustration and branding. She’s passionate about empowering women in high school and college and serves as a mentor.

Kate Andersen's Life

Why Central PA?
Why not? Lancaster has a strong sense of community within the creative space—a space that encourages people of any background, to have an appreciation for learning and understanding the beauty of any craft. From food, to fibers, and into the fine arts, Lancaster has won the hearts of many passionate people. It’s location is something that has been talked up, but it is true. You can be in any major Northeast City in a matter of hours. While it is a spring board for the next chapter, calling this place home was the easiest thing I have done post-graduation to date.

Kate Anderson

Why Design?
To be honest, I didn’t want to. I wanted to be an illustrator. I really wanted to find a niche that would allow me to do my art and not have to justify my style. Then I read about other people’s career paths and found that a lot of successful illustrators ‘paid their dues’ as designers first. Once I started to learn about typography, I was hooked. Next I fell in love with editorial design, and then it was front-end design, and finally I found a way to knit everything together and play in a space so much more vast than I imagined I could. It taught me patience in my craft and with collaboration. It gave me a voice and a reason for my aesthetic. Above all, it allowed me to find a connection between my interest in strategy and how that can be applied in concepts and execution of effective and beautiful work.

Best part of the job?
Having a small impact on the personal and professional growth of up and coming designers and illustrators. Part of my responisibilites at work include mentoring those on my teams. I take that very seriously and learn so much from those experiences. In my free time, I work with recently graduated or soon-to-be grads to help them find their voice and the ‘next step’ for their goals. I have gained so much from these friendships that help me to be a better, more humble leader and a compassionate creative mind that contributes to something bigger than myself.


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Published May 22, 2015
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