Central Pennsylvania Jobs Board submittal process. 

Please review our Posting Tiers* below and follow Steps 1 and 2 to post your job on the AIGA Central PA Job’s Board.

Job postings must go through a 3-5 day approval process – depending on submission date – before being published. Please follow Steps 1 and 2 for your submission process to be completed. Job posts come in three different tiers: Basic, Extended and Deluxe.  Any questions please Contact Us.

Basic ($25.00) / Member Basic ($20.00): 
Single Post to Central PA Jobs Board (14 Day)

Extended ($40.00) / Member Extended ($30.00): 
Single Post to Central PA Jobs Board (60 Day)

Deluxe ($100.00) / Member Deluxe ($85.00): 
Single Post to Central PA Jobs Board (60 Day)
+ (1)Facebook Post – Linking to Job Board post
+ (1)Tweet- Linking to Job Board post

Send your Job Description and desired Posting Tier to jobsboard@centralpa.aiga.org. Approval turn-around is normally 3-5 days max depending on submission date and revisions.

Upon description approval from Step 1 – choose a tiered payment and submit below. Notice: Do Not submit a payment before receiving a confirmation email from Step 1!

Posting Tiers

Your Job description will post upon payment confirmation via the Central PA Treasury Chair.

*we do not accept post requests form third-party companies or out-of-area (beyond the surrounding Central PA region) opportunities.