Together, We Can Do Amazing Things

Dear Central PA Design Community,

I am writing this post in my office. I’ve got my Batman Munny Doll sitting on my desk right next to my track pad, just staring at me…eyes boring into me. It’s like it’s taunting me to write something prolific and amazing. I can’t promise this post will be life changing, but it will be awesome. Awesome how? Are you getting a little ahead of yourself? Maybe I am, but let me explain.

Starting today, AIGA chapters all across the country are starting their Fall membership drive. There are 70 chapters nationwide, with over 25,000 members, all beginning to extol the value of joining AIGA. You’re probably wondering…

“What? How does joining AIGA equate to awesome?”

Hear me out on this.

It’s a bold statement, for sure, but it’s not an untrue statement. I believe whole-heartedly in the idea that the smallest changes and decisions can have a huge ripple effect on your life. About a year, this chapter went through many changes, one of which was a redoubled focus on community. Inside that year, we’ve listened to members, non-members and community leaders and created programming that mean aims to bring creatives together. Events like Coffee & Critique and Pens & Pints have allowed people to come and meet other like-minded professionals, students and colleagues to show their work, talk about the industry (both in Central PA and nationally) and make useful contacts. The community has asked for certain speakers to come and talk, and we’ve made it happen. We’ve also joined in the conversations with other like groups and meetups and talked with people about design who didn’t know we had a community here. The results? A growing community of designers (and non-designers) who are interested and engaged with each other.

That’s awesome. The past has been an amazing ride.

And now, we are looking towards the future. This membership drive lasts for a week, Wednesday 9th to Wednesday 16th, and during that time you are going to hear many reasons on why you should join. There is all of the tangible benefits and there are the conferences too. For reasons alone, it’s worth becoming a member. Honestly though, the real benefit of becoming a member of AIGA…what makes it truly awesome.

Is its members. The people.

Never have I met such impassioned and dedicated people until I joined AIGA. From the leadership at the national level to the committee member who blurts out at a meeting they want to help out at an event. It’s something infectious that I can’t quite describe, but the simple truth is that the members who make up AIGA are the greatest benefit of joining.

So over the next 7 days, you’re going to see a lot from us. Posts about why it’s awesome to be a designer in Central PA. Posts about how and why to join. Posts from great supporters and partners like Wacom, Adobe, Monotype and more.

This is a call to action AIGA Central PA is growing; nationally we are growing and we need you help steer the course of design. So join and share your work and inspired others, participate in events and help plan some, speak on design issues and lead the way for new ideas and concepts to come to fruition. In each way, you help to make things change for the better.

And that is awesome.

Tim McKenna

By Ryaan Beck
Published September 8, 2015
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