Why the ███ Would You Do This?

Every year, we get a few requests from someone interested in doing a speaking engagement with the chapter. For various reasons (relevancy, credibility, cost, etc.), many of these are turned down. It’s rare that a request captures our imagination the way this one did. My gut reaction was bemusement.

But if you dig deeper, there is something much more relevant and important going on here.

Increasingly, we’re witnessing designers forge their own destiny by replacing clients with self-generated work. Whether it’s Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap,  Tattly and TeuxDeux from Swissmiss, Tim Hoover and Jessica Karle Heltzel’s book Kern and Burn, or Luke Wroblewski’s Polar, the trend is clear.

Designers are pursuing entrepreneurship rather than taking the traditional agency or in-house route.

Bearing this in mind, I truly believe that our upcoming GFDA event–a story about two professors who launched a humorous and potentially offensive but ultimately poignant site and turned it into a career–is one of the most important events we can hold this year.

We know that there will be some who have a gut reaction to the profanity; however, there is far more to this event, the speakers Brian and Jason, and their message, than edgy language.

We don’t want to steal the thunder of their story behind their approach and we know it may not be for everyone, but we believe it is worthwhile for many. I hope as a chapter we can keep an open mind—and learn something in the process.

Ready for something different? Join us for the event Nov. 7.

By Joshua Buckwalter
Published October 15, 2013
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